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Florida for a Green New Deal

Moving inside the Gulf South for a Green New Deal regional formation, #FL4GND is coordinating statewide work strategically 

across Policy, Action, and Communications.

2023 Hub Priorities

Florida 2023 hub priorities include:

  • DEMOCRACY: Promote meaningful community engagement and participatory governance. Achieve transformational change by uplifting communities through outreach, education and the arts.

  • ECONOMY: Advance equitable climate disaster planning, response & recovery.

  • ENERGY: Transition to a just economy built on renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, resilience, protection of land, divestment from the fossil fuel economy and equitable benefits for all.

  • LABOR: Protect workers, increase opportunity, and democratize the workplace.

  • LAND: Respect indigenous sovereignty, advance food sovereignty and build a just housing system, food system and ecosystem.

  • TRANSFORMATION: In the process of achieving these goals, we transform ourselves and work in right relationships with each other and Mother Earth.


FL State Hub Leads

Each Hub consists of local organizations who anchor state-wide working tables. The following organizations lead across #FL4GND Policy, Action, and Communications. 

All FL signatories to the #GulfSouth4GND Values & Policy Platform can be found here.

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